Leah & Chris' wedding~ Walnut Grove

If not because of Leah & Chris, I would've never discovered this lovely small town myself. What a hidden gem.
Sitting on the orchard-lined banks of the Sacramento River, this old-hollywood-style hotel was built in 1927 during the prohibition era. Wow.

These moments reminded me of my all-time favorite movie "Somewhere In Time" where Richard found his dream girl through time travel back to 1912. So much about self hyposis... I was this close to trying it...

How did that happen? I was merely asking Leah if she's ready for Chris :)

The first sight... love it.

Leah's students surprised her by giving a group speech with lots of heartfelt words.

And her mom was touched. What's more rewarding than having a daughter who could make a positive impact to many others' lives, and, to celebrate that on the biggest day of your life?

Leah and her middle school students.

Another time-travel moment.

This shot alone made my stay till the very end of the last dance all worth it. A splendid evening it was.

P.S. Have you ever walked out of a hotel room and felt like being home? That was my experience the next morning. Everyone knew me there! I hung out with Leah's family at breakfast and we started reminiscing all the good times and behind-the-scene stories. That was truly my first and the best ever.