The enchantment

As young children we were ushered into the line at the Carousel, knowing that it will be an experience to remember. We felt anticipation and excitement while waiting in line... and seeing the gate close right behind the child in front of us. Next, we realized what it really meant was that we would be first in line to choose any horse we wanted, on the following ride!

We'd go 'round and 'round on the carousel, waving at the people we knew, parting from them for just a few short moments until we would see their smiling faces once again...

As lovers, Stefanie & Brendan chose to go around on this magical ride, to hear the enchanting melody of the Carousel, to recollect their childhood memories, and to share the joy of creating a life together, ever after.


Coffee in a mug

Pretty much when you walk into any cafe in the bay area, you see people, and their laptop and/or ipod. And because people are busy with getting stuff done online or listening to songs on their itunes, they're simply happy with being on their own. For the most part, cafe is now more than a cozy place to get fresh grounded coffee and hang out with friends. My thoughts about sitting at the cafe, not being occupied, and enjoy what's in the mug is not always the reality.

With photography, I want to re-create my fantasy of seeing people actually having a good time in cafes. I'm constantly exploring the city, finding those unique backdrops and bringing my couples in for those fantastic moments. It's happening.


Got love!

Liz & Brian have opened up a new journey for me in doing couple shots . They being utterly natural, creative, expressive, and (constantly) in deep love. I was able to visualize the connection and the unique expressions between the two... and felt their happiness dancing in the air. It was this intense! They picked an old hollywood theme which fit right with what I enjoyed doing. It was a very pleasant afternoon and I ended up feeling so... in love with them.


Extra sweet

A shot taken at a grand sweet 16 birthday party... red-carpeted staircase, hollywood deco, walk of fame, sweet treats, open bar, photo booth, video games, dancing, cake presentation, more dancing... what more to ask for?

The beauty of dance

What's the magic about father & daughter dance?

To me, it's only magical if you can feel what is going on, inside the souls of the two.

This picture made me cry. I took the shot with my heart pounding, my hands feeling the sensation of warmth flowing all throughout my body.

It reminded me of how dear my dad was to me. we should've embraced each other's love in form of a dance... like this.


to share

I was editing thousands of pictures the other night while having the TV on. Within a minute my mind was being drawn away from the monitor to the big screen. It was Forrest Gump. I was amazed how much details I had forgotten about the movie except the infamous quote: "life is like a box of chocolate...". I used to have this internal debate about the second part of the quote "you never know what you are going to get". Is that true or is it just sacrasm? That night, I saw how the movie depicted the inner instinctual energy of Gump, his everlasting love towards Jenny, his incidental achievements, his non-judgemental thinking on aversive circumstances.

Gump is very literal about sharing his past. I love it when people share their stories as if it's an open book.

Photography does the sharing job as well.

Featuring my little god-daughter Eunice with her mom Grace sharing their lives with each other with open arms.