Eunice & Bernice

I love my girls!
Little Bernice is getting bigger and more adorable each day. I can see myself pinching her on the face whole day long.
Big sis Eunice is so ready to take up bigger role as a caregiver. Oh did I say she's the best Jr. assistant I could've ever asked for.
I keep looking at these images over and over again.. and every time, they put a smile on my face.


The Seah Family

Featuring Rianne @ 1 year and Reynaud @ 1 month!


The visit of the Prime Minister of Lithuania

It was my honor to be able to document the visit of the Prime Minister of Lithuania and his officals to US last week. Joining the discussion was some of the most successful CEOs/bankers/venture capitalists in the SF Bay area and investors from Accel Partners. For more details check out this official government link: