My footprints in India

Coming back from a long trip, exhausted from the 17-hr plane ride, jetlagged. Got online and friends anxiously asked how the trip went. Bits and pieces of memories flashed back in mind, and I just didn't know where to start.

This video speaks for that feeling I have. Random memories of things are collected and piled up in quite a hilarious way!


Scattershooting with a Beat from Elley Ho on Vimeo.


Home Sweet Home (for a little while)

I'm finally back home after the 6-week travel. Never made it to Tibet, but India was a good and natural alternative. I have so many stories to tell I just need to find time to convert them into words, and that's after all the sorting and editing of thousands pictures.

I've also been trying to migrate to a new blog site for months. I realize that as long as I keep posting to this blogsite I will never get to start the new blog! In the meantime, please check my facebook page for updates. I already posted some travel images and video there so feel free to check them out... featuring all the sweet and saintly creatures I see on the road :-)

I'll be heading to Puerto Rico and beyond in less than 2 weeks, and will be on the road till the end of this year. This is a break much needed. I breath, think, and feel differently when I am away from home. I'm glad I'm able to relieve myself from many responsibilities to make it happen.

Friends, I'm so sorry I missed all the meetups and celebrations. I have not forgotten you at all. Oh if I haven't responded to your SMS, that's because I've forgotten to reactivate that part of my phone, so I never got your messages. And it took me 5 days to realize that.

Clients, I'm going to be a bit slow in responding to your emails and needs. Work means a lot to me, but right now I'm letting myself focus on myself. I promise I'll be back to full speed at the end of this year. Thank you for your understanding!


Nepal + Tibet

Being a photographer and a traveler, I am always fascinated by places and people that remind me the beauty of simplicity.

When I decided to take a long vacation, I thought of going somewhere and doing something I would really enjoy. Not Haiwaii, no cruise, no resort. And it has to be far far away from home.

So I thought of Nepal.

The person who introduced me to Nepal was my friend Wayne. About three years ago, he quitted his IT job in the bay area, and decided to do something that could make an impact in others' lives. Three years later, his non-profit org NEIO is well established and has been helping the nepalese children build better schools in rural villages where resources are utterly limited.

After hearing many stories of his journey, I knew someday I would love to experience it myself. I have a strong desire to help these children with whatever I can offer. Living with the poor and spending time with them is a true gift. That's why we often end up receiving more than what we can possibly give.

And Tibet.

Two years ago I had an opportunity to visit a remote village in Qinghai province, China. I was told that most people in this village were tibetans. As I strolled along the street, I was fascinated by lots of random occurance. Kids playing with rocks. Old men chilling by the staircase. Women washing dishes outside home. A nomad leaning against a brick wall. And.. a pregnant cow walking down the street. Next, a pig crossing the street. Oh, a goat napping on the sidewalk. As I kept my pace, the cow went ahead of me, and slowly vanished from my sight heading back "home". All these mental images kept flickering in and out of my mind even months after I came back from the trip. What fascinated me was this traditional way of living, where all living creatures live in harmony, where men's needs were few and their desires limited.. and that both were easily satisified by the abundance provided by nature. It's Utopia. It does exist, at least from my little snapshot of experience there.

(note: after the trip, I became a vegetarian overnight, and basically lost all my desire to consume meat)

Click here for the blogpost about that village.

I know I'll enjoy visiting Tibet more.

Stay tuned I'm sure I'll have lots of wonderful images and stories to offer after this 6-week trip.


For my brides and grooms... I'll make sure I come back one piece and show up at your wedding. If I already shot your wedding, I'll make sure I deliver your images before I take off on Aug 27.

For my potential clients.... I will have very limited to no internet access during Sept/early Oct. My office manager May will take care of replying all my emails, and I'll gladly offer my personal attention to you as soon as I come back on Oct 12.

Thank you! I'm excited!


Chelsea & Eric's wedding | Mission Santa Clara | Hotel Valencia Santana Row San Jose

Chelsea is the kind of person who gives the most beautiful and heartwarming smile... just seeing her smile makes me smile.

First sight. Loved those happy tears.
The bridal party in full spirit.

The infamous wall at Santana Row.

My favorite church in the south bay... despite the fact that flash is not allowed.

This is a moment I never missed :-)

Hotel Valencia.

Tons of energy and laughter at the dance floor.


Ng Family

Featuring 8-month-old Aiden!


Dino Family