red barn

Red barn. As I grew up in Hong Kong, this was never a topic of "interest" in school. It simply didn't exist in the curriculum, nor had I seen one in my childhood.

Everytime I drive/walk by a red barn I cannot resist but stop and stare at it for a good long while. And ever since I become a photographer, the red barn has been the target of a minor obsession.

Why is it red? What does it look like inside? Where are the animals?

Not only do I discover the existence of red barn, I discover the inner child in me.

the inspiration

When I first saw this bird, my heart was pounding out loud. I asked the bird, please don't fly away.

The moment was captured, and nothing was in motion. I could smell the stillness in the air.

How simple yet beautiful the composition was.
I could've totally missed it, had I not looked up.
As I now look at this picture taken a year ago, I'm able to relate myself with the existence of this bird... being on a dead-old wire and not realizing its charm.
That depicts the process I've experienced, the wonder of being discovered.
This blog was created and inspired by the beauty of all the small creatures in this world. They are all around us. We just need to see them.