A Dog's Life @ Humane Society Silicon Valley

A Dog's Life is a dog's spa and owner resource center which offers dog owner support, education and training at HSSV. I had the privilege to capture some action shots of the dogs while they spent a beautiful afternoon at the doggie daycare on site. I like the fact that the staff are very well trained and loving in handling dogs of all sizes. For the first time in my life, I was all over by dozens of large dogs while I attempted to shoot from low angles... talking about being licked and sniffed from top to bottom! It took me quite a while to "assimilate" and be "invisible" to them. What a little good adventure it was. Loved all those interactions captured.

This dog actually listened to me when I said "cheers". jk

This dog rather be on camera.


Julia & Jeremiah's Wedding~ Pebble Beach

Julia & Jeremiah of Wisconson decided to have a small intimate wedding by the Pacific Ocean. This was by far the shortest wedding I've ever covered (ceremony only), yet I was utterly blown away not only by the love between the two but the close ties among the families. I even shed my share of tears with all the close friends in attendance.

The first sight.
Sister of the bride sharing her blessings to the couple.

A wedding filled with laughter & tears, hugs and kisses.

A very profound moment right after the recessional- the mother & father of the bride embraced each other as if their wedding was once again relived.

The beautiful love birds.


My Online Publication August 09

Some thoughts to share regarding engagement portrait session:


Yourweddingdollars.com is a new Internet Wedding Magazine created to help newly engaged couples by publishing informative articles of ideas and suggestions on how they can put together a stylish and memorable wedding without breaking their bank. I feel so honored to be featured as an author to contribute my advice and tips in the field of wedding photography. I'll continue to contribute my thoughts online every 3 months.

Thanks all for your love and support.