Kristen & Ted the Rabbit

Q: How much love can you give to a rabbit?
A: See below.


Sarah & Sean's wedding~ Carmel

Sarah & Sean are true love birds. They met at the orientation in freshman year, and decided to get married before they finished their medical degree in Arizona. They're one of the sweetest and most caring couple I've ever met in weddings. I felt being treated like a good friend and was so well taken care of during the day. Thank you Sarah & Sean!

A contemporary version of guys getting ready...

Errr... that's just me behind the scene.. loved the floor :)

newly weds smoking is a first. (can you tell who is a smoker for real here?)

A moment of embarassment.


In and Out

One fine day during summer, my friend Bonnie and I dropped by Susan's place in Carmel for a brief visit. While the adults were mingling, these furry friends were enjoying their nap time in and out. Life is good.


Jennifer & Taylor's wedding~ Monterey

Jennifer & Taylor, you two have made the seemingly impossible come into life. Thanks for sharing your wonderful love story with me.

The 7 flower girls + ringbearer were surprisingly well behaved throughout the day.

Don't we all have our moment like this.

Non-traditional cake feeding/tasting with no utensils required.