Kristi & Alex's wedding ~ Palo Alto

A true festive blend of east and west.

Listening up to her groom announcing his love to her in public behind the door.

An ultimate wedding gift for Chinese.

The shift.

Kristi's beloved nephew played the music during the ceremony.

A lively & festive celebration, two young hearts, one soul, with lots of wonderful companions.


Fur Ball 2009

Fur Ball is an annual black-tie benefit for the Humane Society Silicon Valley. Just the fact that you can enjoy an elegant evening out, support a good cause, and have your furry friend tag along is a real treat.

The grand entrance.

My favorite silent aunction item!

Talent and passion.
I always believe animals enhance the quality of our lives. And we can beautify ours simply by offering them the love and care they desire for. Isn't it great for them to have a life this simple.


Stephanie & Terence @ San Francisco

I'd known Terence since we were teens. Back then he was one shy guy who wouldn't say much. I couldn't even remember him looking up in front of gals. The kind of guy who won't waste time at bars cuz he simply won't talk to gals. And that explains how we met at....................................... the library.
Years' gone by and he's finally come out of his shell. Now he just can't stop talking! Guess he's trying to make up what he's lost. Oh now he even knows what love is all about :) What cracks me up is that he's transformed back into having this old shy look when it comes to photoshooting. Many shots had to be taken after Terence thought I was done or when he was given a "task" or when he had little clue I was shooting. And while he was struggling with thinking how to smile or where to look, Stephanie came in with her charm and laugh. Bam! Everything worked out.
According to Stephanie & Terence (& to the beatles), all we need is love.