Sneha & Sanjay's wedding~ San Jose

I admire those who take pride in their heritage and celebrate life the way their ancestors have passed on to them.
Tradition never sets people apart.

Special thanks to Kumza Yasin Photography for offering this wonderful photoshooting opportunity to me.


Dena & Gary's wedding~ Crockett

Once upon a time, there was a wedding in a small small town :-)

My 8-year-old assistant was very helpful.

Big thanks to Kirk Mastin for offering this lovely photoshooting opportunity to me.


Jennifer & Travis' wedding~ San Jose

My work with photoshooting wedding couple continues to move and inspire me.
It allows me to see different forms and expressions of love among people.
With Jennifer & Travis and their families, their bonds and connections have allowed me to share that beauty to all of you in their images.
Such a great celebration of love and blessings.


International Taiko Festival 2009

Intense, thrilling, flawless. A fantastic cultural experience for all.