Rachel & Eyob's wedding~ Menlo Park

What an honorable experience it was for me to shoot at Rachel & Eyob's wedding where two entirely different families and culture crashed... in a nice way. (ok.. which movie does this line come from?)

A Jewish ceremony with the ringbearers doing their right thing...

and with the twin flower girls doing their twin thing....
Guess who made the floral arrangement... Rachel!

Capturing the good times at the reception... the couple being amused by the hilarious speeches.

This is how the two cultures reflect themselves beautifully in their unique way on the dance floor.

The lovely traditional Eritrean dance.... loved the way the families created this dramatic moment with the white drape setup.

Thanks R&E for the wedding crashing experience! I had so much fun being part of it.. and was so taken away thinking I was doing a destination wedding across the miles...


Stephanie & Brendan's wedding~ Sacramento

Stephanie & Brendan had everything BIG at their wedding... a wedding party of 19, ceremony at a grand cathedral at the capitol, reception at a top private club known only to state officals. Despite all the fancy touch, their young hearts and true selves were reflected at every single moment... and the individual spirits of the day were being captured. I loved them.

One precious moment of mom kissing Stef's cute toes with grandma doing touchup at the same time...

Classic shots revealing the classic beauty....

Stef's mom surprised her by sending her a quartet playing her favorite song as she walked into the reception hall. She was in tears while being embraced by love.

More laughter and tears...

The electric dance floor...


Sue-Ann & Tom's wedding~ Palo Alto

If each one of us has something unique to offer, then for Sue-Ann & Tom, it's humor & laughter. People who know me know that I crack up easily. All that implied was I did have some tricky time shooting the two when I had to manage snapping and giggling at the same time...

One giggly moment during the ceremony... Sue-Ann was getting tearful and Tom was handed a kleenex to pass on to her. What did he do? He wiped his face instead (and no he wasn't crying).

So those were the jolly drops.

And there were more.

One compelling speech given by the bestman, brother of Tom, who shared about their wonderful brotherhood and how great he thought Tom was, as a man who deserves... his salute.

Some handmade work I was really fascinated about.
A moment captured right before Sue-Ann left the bridal room building.