The Liu Family


The Tang Family

My beloved friends... thanks for being so beautiful.


The Young Family

That was how the Young family celebrated their wedding anniversary.

Rwen, their family dog is my dog's best friend. We used to be neighbors, and very often bumped into each other during our walks. Our dogs would not stop wrestling till we said it's time to go. We saw how they cute they were as puppies, how Rwen outgrew Amelie, how Amelie surrendered from being chased after. I'm so glad we're connected again, and I can't wait to see how they get along at our next play date!

And my experience to meet baby Ellis for the first time was simply too precious. Being 6 months old, his curiosity about the world has seemingly no limits. His chubby cheeks and big blue eyes are irresistible. And, per parents report, he loved me :-)