Kimberly & Jeff's wedding | 5th Hole Pebble Beach Golf Course

When wedding becomes an intimate family affair...
Kimberly & Jeff have it all.
Thanks to the charm of Pebble beach golf course. Even the nature sings to the joy of this beautiful marriage.


The Hafezzadeh Family

Celebrating Hannah's first four months of life... she's gotten so much tender love and care. All the images were captured with very minimal guidance and lots of spontaneity. When love reveals itself, it can be done so effortlessly.


Kamen & Malone's wedding anniversary

Relive the moments of their wedding... that's what Kaman & Malone decided to do to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary. Time doesn't seem to have changed anything in them. Very sweet couple.


The Hungry Squirrels

Snack time for squirrels!! Watch how well they were treated by my awesome friend Bonnie who has a heart in rescuing orphan squirrels.

The Hungry Squirrels from Elley Ho on Vimeo.