Max & Dex is 1

Max and Dex are the beloved twin kids of one of my favorite couple Callie & Asher. I was honored to be invited to their birthday party in Livermore. Here's your belated birthday gift boys, hope you two enjoy seeing yourselves in icing :-)

Happy 1st Birthday, Max & Dex! from Elley Ho on Vimeo.


The Roldan Family


Karina & Aaron's wedding~ Monterey

Karina & Aaron have to be one of the happiest and most genuine people on earth.

Love nature, appreciate every form of life.

Their laughter is contagious, their tears too.

I was utterly impressed when I knew they would spend their honeymoon riding on a tandem bike down the Pacific coast.

It's the most organic way to celebrate the beginning of a new life together.


The Battles Family

a cat + a dog + a baby = tons of sweet peas in a pod.
Featuring a picture perfect family!

Thanks for posing, Theo the cat and Trini the dog.


Sneha & Sanjay's wedding~ San Jose

I admire those who take pride in their heritage and celebrate life the way their ancestors have passed on to them.
Tradition never sets people apart.

Special thanks to Kumza Yasin Photography for offering this wonderful photoshooting opportunity to me.