Leah & Chris' wedding~ Walnut Grove

If not because of Leah & Chris, I would've never discovered this lovely small town myself. What a hidden gem.
Sitting on the orchard-lined banks of the Sacramento River, this old-hollywood-style hotel was built in 1927 during the prohibition era. Wow.

These moments reminded me of my all-time favorite movie "Somewhere In Time" where Richard found his dream girl through time travel back to 1912. So much about self hyposis... I was this close to trying it...

How did that happen? I was merely asking Leah if she's ready for Chris :)

The first sight... love it.

Leah's students surprised her by giving a group speech with lots of heartfelt words.

And her mom was touched. What's more rewarding than having a daughter who could make a positive impact to many others' lives, and, to celebrate that on the biggest day of your life?

Leah and her middle school students.

Another time-travel moment.

This shot alone made my stay till the very end of the last dance all worth it. A splendid evening it was.

P.S. Have you ever walked out of a hotel room and felt like being home? That was my experience the next morning. Everyone knew me there! I hung out with Leah's family at breakfast and we started reminiscing all the good times and behind-the-scene stories. That was truly my first and the best ever.


An universal truth

Some say friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life.

I believe this applies to all living creatures.

I've read about this adventure photographer who once witnessed a breathtaking moment in wildlife animals that inevitably changed his life.

One harsh winter, while he was struggling to survive photoshooting in this high mountain top, he knew he had no choice but to hunt for meat.

He shot at a wild goat amongst hundreds of them.

The minute the goat lost itself, two of its companions instinctively came over, trying to lift its body off the ground. In full force they tried to carry their buddy by squeezing their bodies onto the unconscious one.

The photographer saw how the three shadows became one.

From then on, he swore he would never hunt anymore.

Seeing these lamb at my neighborhood reminds me of this true amazing story.

Can't you see the grin on the lamb's face?


Baby Caleb

Here's my very first attempt to photoshoot a newborn of less than 2 weeks old- introducing Caleb, a precious new life full of character.

The experience was utterly real and natural. No cheers, no rattles, no calling his name. We let him reveal himself.



I was amongst one of the 12,000 photographers who attended WPPI in Las Vegas this year; a convention which always impresses and inspires me with the latest education and products in the photography field. I did walk out of this smokey city air feeling energized by the passion and talents of the presenters all over the globe.

Sharing one of the very few pictures I took at the tradeshow... where did my heart go? :)


Valley of Fire, Nevada

The journey looks a lot more interesting from a different angle.

An art of Geography-- red sandstone formations.

Petroglyphs: ancient drawings that reflect the lifestyle and culture of Native Americans over 4000 years ago.