An universal truth

Some say friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life.

I believe this applies to all living creatures.

I've read about this adventure photographer who once witnessed a breathtaking moment in wildlife animals that inevitably changed his life.

One harsh winter, while he was struggling to survive photoshooting in this high mountain top, he knew he had no choice but to hunt for meat.

He shot at a wild goat amongst hundreds of them.

The minute the goat lost itself, two of its companions instinctively came over, trying to lift its body off the ground. In full force they tried to carry their buddy by squeezing their bodies onto the unconscious one.

The photographer saw how the three shadows became one.

From then on, he swore he would never hunt anymore.

Seeing these lamb at my neighborhood reminds me of this true amazing story.

Can't you see the grin on the lamb's face?