The Kim Family

When I first met Amanda's family, I remember how much I used to want one just like hers. Being a stay-home mom, raising good-natured kids, keeping the family together, I thought that's where the root of happiness lies. I am happy for those who are able to make it happen, and that tells how excited I was when I did this photoshoot for them.

First thing that children always remind me of is to view things from their perspectives.

The picture perfect family!!!


Orphan Rescue Trio

Orphan Rescue Trio from Elley Ho on Vimeo

My first HD video project using my new canon 5D Mark II was about these adorable baby skunks residing in a loving home before they were being released to the wild.

Talking about challenging subjects .... these babies are teeny tiny, always on the go, don't listen to commands, and ready to spray if anything goes "wrong" according to their agenda. Sounds rough huh. In fact I survived with delight and have come to a new world of understanding how lovely these creatures are. Stereotype does them no justice.
Hope you feel the same after viewing this video.

Orphan Rescue Trio from Elley Ho on Vimeo



The Dino Family

Mommy getting little Logan all dolled up for her 1-year-old shoot!

Sharing the favorite book together...

Nature. Check.

Logan in daddy's firefighter's XXXL boots!

We discovered this was THE way to get a big smile on Logan in pictures.

What a precious sweet family feeling so safe in these big arms.