Home Sweet Home (for a little while)

I'm finally back home after the 6-week travel. Never made it to Tibet, but India was a good and natural alternative. I have so many stories to tell I just need to find time to convert them into words, and that's after all the sorting and editing of thousands pictures.

I've also been trying to migrate to a new blog site for months. I realize that as long as I keep posting to this blogsite I will never get to start the new blog! In the meantime, please check my facebook page for updates. I already posted some travel images and video there so feel free to check them out... featuring all the sweet and saintly creatures I see on the road :-)

I'll be heading to Puerto Rico and beyond in less than 2 weeks, and will be on the road till the end of this year. This is a break much needed. I breath, think, and feel differently when I am away from home. I'm glad I'm able to relieve myself from many responsibilities to make it happen.

Friends, I'm so sorry I missed all the meetups and celebrations. I have not forgotten you at all. Oh if I haven't responded to your SMS, that's because I've forgotten to reactivate that part of my phone, so I never got your messages. And it took me 5 days to realize that.

Clients, I'm going to be a bit slow in responding to your emails and needs. Work means a lot to me, but right now I'm letting myself focus on myself. I promise I'll be back to full speed at the end of this year. Thank you for your understanding!