Gondica & Ruben's wedding~ El Cerrito

There’s something magical about Gondica & Ruben… they having the most wonderful personalities one would ever want: fun, expressive, easygoing, appreciative, thoughtful, sweet. On their big day, they were busy making sure their buddies were well taken care of… and there were 300 of them :)

Leaving home...

Oh, they could make any ordinary move look hilarious… who would do a hand shake before the first kiss?

The wedding party in full spirit.

A moment of Ruben captured while his bestman read a letter written by Ruben when he was 11.

A feative scene like this happened 30 times that evening.
A little surprise turning into something a little messy.... in a good way.

Thanks to those 10 sweet folks (including G&R) who asked me whether I was fed or not that evening. I couldn't be happier!