Sue-Ann & Tom's wedding~ Palo Alto

If each one of us has something unique to offer, then for Sue-Ann & Tom, it's humor & laughter. People who know me know that I crack up easily. All that implied was I did have some tricky time shooting the two when I had to manage snapping and giggling at the same time...

One giggly moment during the ceremony... Sue-Ann was getting tearful and Tom was handed a kleenex to pass on to her. What did he do? He wiped his face instead (and no he wasn't crying).

So those were the jolly drops.

And there were more.

One compelling speech given by the bestman, brother of Tom, who shared about their wonderful brotherhood and how great he thought Tom was, as a man who deserves... his salute.

Some handmade work I was really fascinated about.
A moment captured right before Sue-Ann left the bridal room building.