Summer in China: Xian, Shaanxi Province

I decided one thing I absolutely wanted to do during my stay in Xian was to bike on the city wall-- the most complete city wall that has survived in China. While every tourist focuses on visiting the warriors, I choose to let myself be captured by the immensity of this historical relic which dates all the way back to the 1st century Tang Dynasty. Standing 40 feet tall, the wall covers 8.5 miles in length with a deep moat surrounding it.

Unlike the Great Wall which sits on a mountain range, Xian's city wall offers an utterly different view. New development etched the landscape with tall high-rise apartments, local and overseas co-op companies and malls. And if you lean against the wall and look down, you'll find local folks playing Chinese chess, doing their exercises, biking or practicing an instrument. It's a pleasant calm that is enhanced by the backdrop of the grand wall it borders.

Just being 40 feet up higher than the rest of the city gave me the tranquility I needed for this vacation. I was delighted to discover the peace I wanted and being able to taste a bit of fresh air of this ancient city. While I was utterly absorbed into this journey, I found myself not alone... a man was walking straight towards me, holding two gigantic flags that presented China and the Olympics. In split second, we passed by each other and as I turned around, I saw beyond what I anticipated. Inside the man was the living soul who believed in what he was doing, with strength, courage, glory and perseverance. His spirit was probably dancing in the air speaking for itself.
I decided to simply follow him and took the courage to ask him what this was all about. Within one exchange of conversation he asked if I'd like to experience what he created. Delighted with excitement, I held onto the two flags, instantly felt the electric transformation into a little girl... carrying something a little too much to handle, yet so elated by the experience... of being trusted and recognized.