to share

I was editing thousands of pictures the other night while having the TV on. Within a minute my mind was being drawn away from the monitor to the big screen. It was Forrest Gump. I was amazed how much details I had forgotten about the movie except the infamous quote: "life is like a box of chocolate...". I used to have this internal debate about the second part of the quote "you never know what you are going to get". Is that true or is it just sacrasm? That night, I saw how the movie depicted the inner instinctual energy of Gump, his everlasting love towards Jenny, his incidental achievements, his non-judgemental thinking on aversive circumstances.

Gump is very literal about sharing his past. I love it when people share their stories as if it's an open book.

Photography does the sharing job as well.

Featuring my little god-daughter Eunice with her mom Grace sharing their lives with each other with open arms.